Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grande Jewelry

We want to know which animal from our Wild Kingdom Collection best represents who you are.
 Kindly place a comment with your answer!


  1. cutee jewelry<3

    Btw. thank you for the comment :)
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  2. ahh this is so Qute
    love the first one

    i have a new outfit of the day!
    come nd take a look
    everyday a new post.

    Xo model from holland

  3. Thank you so much for your comment, i have to say that im very happy to come across your blog, because im all about the jewellery and you have some great pieces here! :) My favourite is the little penguin. It would give so much personality to the outfit!

  4. ooh, there are really so so cute! I just can't choose, maybe the fish, maybe the teddy bear or maybe the dolphin, I think dolphin cause of my love for water!
    I am so following! Your blog is awesome! :)


  5. I personally love the penguin! It's toooo cute!
    Great post, thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Amanda Archambault
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  6. these are so adorable! the teddy bear is soo cute i'd love to wear it! thanks for the comment i really appreciate it! im followin and liked on facebook!

  7. ahh lovely :D i especially like the pinguine necklace :)

  8. The blue charm best describes me. The shape looks to be a butterfly. A close second is the panda bear, gotta love that one.

  9. I love your jewelry!!! Depending on the day I might be the owl, butterfly, or panda! Thank you for following!!! Check out Ma Vie en La Mode on Bloglovin' and Independent Fashion Bloggers!!! You definitely have a permanent reader in me!!!

  10. gosh I love all these necklaces

    shall we follow each other?let me know =)

  11. Thank you for all the generous comments!

  12. wonderful post!
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    kisses ;D